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Interactive Participation with Slido at the ICHROP 2023 Conference

Discover how Slido elevates your conference experience to a new level. With live polls, you can spark real-time discussions, gather immediate feedback, and encourage more active engagement from your audience. Prioritize discussion topics during Q&A sessions and panel discussions using Slido, and turn your all-hands meetings into an interactive success.

You can interactively ask questions and vote on positions, allowing you to participate with Slido in all sessions and discussions of the conferences on-site or from home via live stream.

Enrich the ICHROP 2023 Conference with your questions and positions. Click here and use the event code "ICHROP2023" to participate interactively!

Note: Participants can ask questions and start the discussion before the event by using this link.

Live-Stream on YouTube

The live stream will be activated on November 30, 2023, on the BMSPGK YouTube channel (https://www.youtube.com/@bmaskWien/videos) and linked here:

Panel 1 - Panel on the Rights, Challenges, and Solutions for Older Persons

The ICHROP 2023 Live-Stream will start on Nov 30. at 09.15am (CET).


Panel 2 – Panel on Aging in the Digital Age: Rights, Realities and Responsibilities

The ICHROP 2023 Live-Stream will start on Dec 01. at 09.15am (CET).


The Live-Stream will be available in English on both days